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Hello, My Wise Latina Women…

With this post, I want to welcome new readers as a result of my new “Siempre Mujer” magazine blog on Charla Blog ( The blog posts go up every Friday, and they’re all about getting ready for our weekend through inspiration; be it a story, an insight, a book, music, art, a movie recommendation, a resource for something to do, or just a tool to help us reconnect with ourselves.

And so, in figuring out a way to welcome more women to my writing, I thought it would be a good idea to show, rather than tell, all of you a little about who I am, while at the same time giving you a useful new way to express yourselves.

So, first a primer… or as my friend Berta Castaner would call it, “news you can use.” I discovered Polaroid photography only a few years ago. I stumbled on a beautiful vintage SX-70 on Ebay for under $20 and thought I had to buy it. By then, the film for it had been discontinued, and knowing it would break my heart to have it and not be able to use it, I investigated ways to adapt the existing regular 600 film. I found my solution in a filter pak you can buy on Ebay for under $20. Just search “SX-70 filter pack,” buy a vintage SX-70 if you don’t already have one, and purchase some old Polaroid film, and you’ll be on your way. Though the 600 has also been discontinued, there are plenty of specialty online stores selling very good versions of the original stuff very reasonably. One of them is Polapremium. You can also still find some good deals on Ebay.

Using the filter and the camera is virtually techno-idiot-proof. If I can do it, you can do it. (One tip from my friend, painter and photog extraordinaire, Nereida Garcia Ferraz. Polaroids work almost as copy machines… graphic, colorful objects and still lifes work best.)

Okay, so now that I’ve told you how you can get in on the fun, here you have a few samples: snapshots of moments in the life of a regular woman who happens to be Latina, and has been known to act wisely every so often. Enjoy!

***Have some Polaroids to share? Send them my way and I’ll post for all of us to enjoy.


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